Patientory’s Initial Coin Offering Nets $7.2 Million

Patientory, Inc.
Jun 7, 2017 · 3 min read
Chrissa McFarlane (center), CEO of Patientory, a StartUp Health company, recently launched its first token sale.

“We really saw this token sale as another way to gain early supporters,” McFarlane explained. “You need a token to access our blockchain. That’s what our supporters bought.”

Patientory made its roadmap public to show what the funds generated by the token sale would be used to accomplish.

“With each milestone we achieve, we update our community,” said McFarlane. “We’re holding ourselves accountable and ensuring our purchasers that we’re using those funds for the company.”

Patientory, Inc.

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Patientory, Inc. is a global population health management software that gives users actionable insights and access to their health data.

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