Facing Goliath

Shatter into pieces bit by bit,
Scatter all over the pit.
I am drawn in the midst of fear,
Pleading someone to appear.
Tell me if this is my fate,
Then i pause a bit before i leave.

Appa, Appa, hear me now,
Please take care of my dears for now,
Till the dark clouds are gone.
For they will praise your name
And dance till they sleep under the pine.

Oh God, save me from the night thunder
Because i am not able to stay up much longer.
Send me through the wind to your arms,
So i rejoice in your presence.

The enemies are here for snatching up my flesh,
So desperate to finish off and rest.
I can see the rage coming out from their eyes,
Waiting for that moment to arise.
They have set me the prey,
But i’ll stand still in faith and continue to pray.

Appa, Appa, hear me now,
Come, assemble my pieces and make me like a spawn.
Save me from filthy hands that thirst for my soul.
As i lay down at your feet,
I find my trust in your word that brings hope to my soul.

Lord, dismay my enemies with your greatness,
And take a grip on harmful attempts,
For they aim to destroy me at your sight.
Come and embrace me with your pure blood,
To protect me from the claws of this world.

You have anointed me with your grace,
You have filled my emptiness with your love,
You have armored all parts of me with your strength,
And like David, i will fight against my enemies
Because i trust in my God, The Father.

“He reached down from on high and took hold of me; He drew me out of deep waters. He rescued me from my powerful enemy, from my foes who were too strong for me” Psalms 18:16–17