Things I learned from the last 365 days

Taft, Manila

2015 has been one of the toughest years I’ve had. With all the breaks and breakthroughs, it is definitely a badass roller-coaster ride. In all different ways, these 365 days pushed me to my limits, and even out of it. I was out there with nothing but faith. But in the end, life has its way of teaching and reminding. As brutal as those ways may be, it was worth it.

With that said, here are the things I learned from the last 365 days.

  1. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Promises are not meant to be broken, because when you break them, you also break the link between you and the person you made that promise to — words. And when it’s out there, it’s out there.

2. Stop letting the pressure of pleasing people get to you.

Truth is everyone has their expectations on everyone — unreasonable, unfair, and insatiable expectations. You don’t have to stress on pleasing them. Please, for your own sake, don’t strive to please everyone to the point of letting yourself down and disappointed.

3. We can’t control everything.

We have to be reminded that we are not and will never be in control. We are nowhere near to being omnipotent. Learn to adapt. Prepare your Plan B. Sometimes things go way out of our control, because we might be heading amiss.

4. One, two, three, JUMP!

Sometimes you don’t have to count to ten. Even if you’re scared, unprepared, or even if you have to do it with your eyes closed, you have to take that leap of faith.

5. Value money.

Some people refer to a hundred bucks as if they were coins. While some have to make it last for a week. Some will play with their food, while some will have to work for a day, for a single meal. Value and worth are two totally different things.

6. Know when to reach out and when to let go.

Or to whom we do it to.

Send a message, call, run to that person’s house if you have to. Don’t be afraid to be the one who cares more. Reach out especially if the person’s worth it. Albeit to let go doesn’t mean to give up — it’s giving out. Giving out to the person you’re letting go and to yourself.

7. Don’t follow your heart.

“Follow your heart” is a creed embraced by billions of people. The fault is in the songs, novels, and films of today. Your heart isn’t a compass to follow.

“Heart is deceitful above all things and desperately sick; who can understand him?” Jeremiah 17:9
“Out from the heart, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, coveting, wickedness, deceit, sensuality, envy, slander, pride, foolishness.” Mark 7: 21–23

Ask yourself, is your heart a person you’d like to follow? Truth is no one lies to us more than our own hearts. It does not tell us the truth, it only tells us what we want. We shouldn’t follow it, but lead it.

For the days ahead, I can’t say I’m ready for you. But 2015 has really prepped me to embrace you. Here’s to a year of better decisions, steadfast faith, and clean slates!

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