Nick Fuentes is Richard Spencer 2.0

Despite his recent attempts to distance himself from the Alt-Right, the links are clear.

Nicholas J. Fuentes and Richard Spencer

In light of newly leaked audio of Alt-Right figure Richard Spencer, Controversial YouTuber Nick Fuentes has sought to distance himself from him and the movement. However, this video shows that they agree on a lot more than Nick lets off.

In this video, Fuentes admits that they agree on the “Problem” in this country. Nick also attended the “Unite the Right Rally” in Charlottesville where Heather Heyer was murdered and on the same day, described the event as “incredible” and also states that “you will not replace us”, meaning minorities will not replace white people.

Nick’s Facebook Post after Charlottesville

Fuentes also disputes the label of “White Nationalist” yet in this video, Nick says that it is “redundant” to say White Nationalist, implying that the word “Nationalist” inherently speaks to racial identity.

Fuentes Disputing the “White Nationalist” Label Despite Calling the Word “White” in the Phrase “Redundant”

Richard Spencer describes Nick as “perfect” to recreate a new version of the Alt-Right:

Fuentes and his attempt to create a new version of the Alt-Right was the subject of a speech by Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro at Stanford University last night.

Fighting Fascism and Anti-Semitism

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