Swimming and lighted windows in Canberra at dusk

My self-improvement initiative to start writing again continues, and setting up this blog tonight on my PC and phone has been a good first step. It’s integrated with Medium now so fuck ever I won’t be logging much into Medium again given my piece of junk Medium app doesn’t work on my Windows Phone and my Wordpress one does.

I headed down to the pool for an enchanting swim today (well, technically yesterday as it’s 3AM). I use the word enchanting liberally. 10 laps. Pathetic effort. The cold is starting to get to me — it’s October and the Canberra inhabitants long for their springtime cheer. As usual on my return the changing room is inhabited by a race of overweight old men who have no aversion to walking around naked. While I grab and towel and maneuver out of my cozzies and into the shower, the rain starts to batter down on the corrugated steel roof in a cacophony that drowns out all thoughts and reverberates off every angle.

I walked around Canberra on my way home. Do you ever gaze up and wonder why there are lighted windows at dusk on a Saturday? Phil and Dudley obviously don’t.


I take some beautiful shots around Canberra with my new 20MP-equipped Lumia 950 XL Windows Phone, for which I am a very happy customer. To cut a potentially long tangent short, the app range isn’t too bad aside from not having Medium, the hardware is amazing, the price was $499 (marked down from $1100 of the original release), and it comes with Continuum technology which makes it a fully fledged computer when you put it in a docking station. It’s the first iteration and like the Surface Pro tablets will no doubt get better as time goes on.


Lighted windows at dusk, the far right building is the Federal Education Department building.


Christmas tree lights going up in Garema Place


Bunda St, near the Canberra Centre.


Barry Drive, near ANU.


More inexplicable lighted windows at dusk.


Lighted Canberra sunset over a dark backdrop.

It is Day 3 of writing — if we count Friday, and I’m liking the sense of calmness, of renewed focus and reflection it brings. Even though I’ve got the blog plugged into Medium and on my phone, it’s a better type of social media — creating, not just consuming. I’ve been consuming for too long and it’s time to stop.

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