It Can’t Happen Here (Can It?)
Reed Galen

“Hundreds of millions of people must believe in the system of government our forebears collectively agreed to; and they must believe the elections are free and fair and that the rule of law applies to all — the lowliest of the low and highest and mightiest. Otherwise, the Constitution is just so many very eloquent words written on really old pieces of paper.”

Precisely, and for too long our elitist betters have failed in their responsibility. Failure to teach civics in primary/high school was a policy of the liberal/progressive left. We are now reaping the rewards. It is the liberal/progressive left who desire a “living constitution,” which if effected would mean no constitution at all. The crimes of the Obogo administration, ably assisted by Hillary Clinton, have for eight years done all in their power to destroy the rule of law. Daily we hear of liberal/progressive efforts to corrupt the elections. They’ve firebombed a Republican campaign HQ in North Carolina and used hired thugs to disrupt Trump rallies.

It’s going to take decades to fix, and it may prove impossible. Thank you, liberals and progressives, for your attempts to destroy the the greatest country in history, one that has provided more for its citizens than any other, without exception, in your vulgar and unprincipled lust for power.

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