My New Electric Car Is Really Like a Phone
Steven Sinofsky

That maintenance chart is for the Chevrolet Volt, a 53 mile all electric range plug in hybrid with a gasoline powered range extender. It’s for those who never want to recharge their car at remote locations, while still covering most people’s daily commuting needs as a pure EV.

Note: Unlike most ‘hybrids’, the drivetrain of the Volt is primarily an EV. Peak acceleration is achieved without the gasoline engine being used like it is with Priuses and most other hybrids.

But why did Chevrolet use almost the same name for the Volt and Bolt? Well, Colt had already been used by Dodge, and Jolt by a soft drink maker, and both Dolt and Molt were not good choices. Seriously, GM does struggle with creativity when naming cars.

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