Three black journalists talk about the L.A. Riots, 24 years later
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Cause and Effect

History speaks to us with this subject in mind, and I wanted to share a topical example evident in the news lately, that closely resembles history repeating itself.

Ferguson, Chicago and Boston.

Media and activist attention has focused on two different matters here:

*Crime. Minority acts of violence, leading to injury/deaths, shoplifting, property damage.

*Apprehension. “Over zealous” acts of violence during arrests of felons by Police.

There appears to be more focus on Police mishandling of arrests than the crimes preceding them, those which illustrate my point:

The cause of the violence and crime starts first in the neighborhood family, lack of hope, opportunity, no Dad present, disinterest in faith-based solutions, music romanticizing bad behavior, and folks like Al Sharpton fanning the flames of discontent.

The effect of this “cause” is crime, children born out of wedlock, death and dishonor. No TV or political banter seem interested in the 45 teenagers killed in Baltimore by peers, (not Police) or hundreds of poor kids gunned down via gang disputes in Chicago under Rahm Emmanuel’s watch.

What appears to be more salacious to the press is TV footage about cop behavior (reprehensible as it was in Freddie Gray’s case) and the ensuing indictments. Appropriate as it may seem to this amateur journalist, would it not be more apt to focus on the cause first…almost like a cold or flu with symptoms? Should the cause be ignored, won’t the problem continue unabated?

Politically and logistically, President Obama is faced with this influenza, plaguing all prior presidents. To cure this miasma, real attention should be paid to teenage kids in inner cities, BEFORE this cycle of damage to our kids continues, mentoring, sports involvement, Church participation, “man- education”. This will take public money, time, courageous volunteer participants, honesty, pro-athlete presence commitments, none of which politicians are willing to admit is needed, should they seek the “hood” vote. Best to lay the blame on Republicans, suggesting they withhold funding from these communities, with the knowledge that money alone, historically pouring into Baltimore, won’t solve the dilemma…just kick the can down the road.

The US is not alone in this quagmire:

1. The “banlieus” of Paris (Muslim neighborhoods)

2. The East-end of London (immigrants from Africa, Pakistan, Algeria)

3. Libyan immigrants fleeing violence to Naples (the ones who make it across Mediterranean)

4. Myanmar (Burma) poor Hindus clashing with aristocratic Buddhists.

Who suffers primarily? The children.

Pray for them.

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