Rashomon universe, distorted universe, or parallel universes

After watching Rashomon the film (1950), one of the questions that strikes me is the problem about reality. I was wondering if it is necessary for the film director and the actors to know who in story that was telling the truth. My curiosity and intellectual desire led me to have video calls with great friends of mine, one is the esteemed play director who continues the theatre of the oppressed movement in south east asia, and another one is the Ph.D. student at Japan’s National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS). After the enlightened conversations, I soon realized that the brilliantly indefinite plot of Rashomon deals with something larger than I imagined. Different equivocal perspectives on the same scenario told by major characters in Rashomon evokes my detective mind to find out “the truth”.

The question are: does the truth really exist? how should we know? and how do we know that the way we know is the right way to know? Also, do we allow multiple truths to co-exist?

These great epistemological questions stemmed from Rashomon can be answered in various ways, but each way it reflect our perceptual framework about the universe: maybe everyone was telling the truth but we have crossed the boundary and see the collective truth from parallel reality as String theory unfold, maybe it is the same universe and everyone was innocently telling part of the truth based on their distorted position in space time, or maybe it is a universe that the line between truth and false is as unclear as the quantum state. At the end of these long conversation, I joked with my thought adventure partner that it would be fun to see the artificial intelligence (Ai) tell the story along side with human in the future Rashomon story.

At the end, my initial question doesn’t really matter to me, but what is so satisfying is the great time for me with my remarkable friends to ask questions after questions and expand our mind to different possibilities. Because this might be the only way that we can get closer to the truth (if it does exist) :P