No to Transgender-ism in School

It seems like now a days accepting yourself has become a sin and changing yourself to fit your own or societies preference has become the norm. We filter our photos, edit, replace our bodies with plastic or stone, and now we have gone as far as changing our very gender. How did we conclude that we are not what we are but what we want to be? If you are not white enough, bleach your skin, if you your hair is not long enough, add extensions. If you are to fat, starve yourself. If he doesn’t like your eye color, get contacts. If they don’t like your frown, smile. You do not like you face, wear makeup. This world has become so superficial that it hard to even tell the difference between the artificial and real. This has come to the point that being true to you are is seen as changing yourself the point of ones very own biology. The most shocking and outrageous part of this all, is that the society has decided to teach this to our children in schools.

May 15, 2015 an article by Todd Stanes headlines present, “Parents furious over schools’ plan to teach gender spectrum, fluidity.” The nation public school system, in teaching gender identity, has decided to teach children that there is no such thing as being 100% boy or 100% girl. Kids can be what they want to be instead of just being who they are. Not to say that if you want to be rich it can just be changed with one surgery. But yes, right now, America is contemplating teaching children it is ‘ok’ to change your gender if they do not “think” they were meant to be the gender they were born to be. The reasoning for this has various forms and perspectives. It’s happening, there are transgenders in this world, the society needs to accept this because it is a way of life for some people. But wait! When did it become ok to teach students ideologies at school? Theories that have in no way been proven to be true. It was not fine in 2003 when they banned prayer and religious teachings within the school. Separation of the church and state; how about separation of the school system and allowing parents the right to teach the child in the way they should go.

According to the oxford dictionary, transgender-ism is “A state or condition in which a person’s identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional ideas of male or female gender.” Is it just me or is it weird that this definition only says “conventional” rather than including the biological and scientifically accepted means of gender? As if to say that gender is a norm and not a natural process created by God. This is like saying the term “food” is the conventional term and its not to be eaten its to be shoved up your butt. Transgenderism is not sexuality but it is a change of the human biology. Gender is not all in your head. If that were the case, then we would not be here. The people of 2016 have not been brain washed into believing the way to have children is through a male and a female. Those are just proven scientific facts. Now you see why the belief that transgender-ism is a normal as eating mud pies? The most disgusting part of all this ruckus, I believe, is that the school systems find it fit to put it within the system without asking parents’ permission as if it has any base, when the people promoting it themselves do not even have a clue as to what they’re talking about. Yes, I get it, this is happening, our children are exposed to these people. But unlike sex and condoms, this is as provable as an imaginary friend. Yes, people have imaginary friends; no they should not be made fun of, but I would not promote the idea within a school system that imaginary friends are real.

You know what else I find a bit dingy? Before the school system decides to teach children about the elimination of segregation, loving each other as well as loving their selves, or maybe even taxes, they want to place this foolishness in the system. Our children need to be taught how to get through life in love and not hate each other because a person looks different from another, or because they have made a choice that you might not like. They should be taught that no matter who thinks you are weird or who does not like you that they should love themselves, because in the end that’s all that matters. Maybe then, our future would not be full of so much hate crimes, suicide, abuse of power and control freaks.

This is not a blog about bashing transgenders. It is a blog requesting the allowance of people to make their own decisions and accept it. Do not get me wrong, I believe transgender-ism is straight up foolishness. I also believe you should love the booty God gave you and not get plastic surgery. But that is my choice, and as society shows, people have their own relative perspectives as to how life should be. What I am suggesting however, is that the school systems allow the parents to decide which theory, relatively right or wrong, is okay for their children to hear. Some want their child to believe in Santa clause some don’t. But just as Santa Clause can not be proved and is therefore not in the curriculum; I believe the same should be for transgender-ism.