We See You #yallaintlow

Mike Pence’s Black History Month tweet has been characterized as clueless, insinuating that his privilege has rendered him so obtuse that he fails to grasp the point of Black History Month. Bullshit. Mike Pence is crazy, not stupid. He is taking the mic to say let’s pour out a little for the (white) man that made this possible. He is saying that for black folks in America freedom is not a right, but a gift bestowed upon us by a benevolent white man. Of course the subtext is that our continued freedom is dependent upon the perpetuation of that benevolence. With the long lens of history, it is clear that the abolishment of slavery is analogous to moving the boot from our collective throat to our chest, allowing needed oxygen — oxygen that we used to to fight and claw and die for the rights to which we desperately cling today. So this isn’t Mike Pence missing the point. He is making a point. Therefore I have some very specific thoughts about not only Mike Pence, but the horse upon which he entered.