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Pursuit of Happiness take time

Pursuit of happiness take time Depression is a serious health problem that affects an alarming number of people every year. Even though depression can be managed with a combination of medication, … [Read More…]

6 Bad habits You should stop doing today

6 Bad habits You should stop doing today We are almost always more concerned about what others are doing to us, than what we’re doing to ourselves that could be unintentionally harming us both … [Read More…]

How to Handle Negative Social Media Comments

How to handle Negative Social Media Comments Social groups has completely taken hold of our society and has changed the way we interact with people. In many cases, this change has been a good one, … [Read More…]

10 Things you can do to Stay Positive

10 Things you can do to Stay Positive Positivity is like a muscle, you’ve got to exercise it. Its like a habit, you’ve got to feed it and it’s like a friend, you’ve got to nourish it and spend time … [Read More…]

Illegal immigration Affect Child Development

Illegal immigration Affect child development Every year, hundreds if not thousands of people decide to move to another country or continent and seek a better life. Some of them, however, embark … [Read More…]

You’re not selfish Be Yourself

You’re not selfish Be Yourself Focus on being your own person more and more, people are realizing that spending time focusing on themselves is not such a selfish idea, in fact, its necessary. Being … [Read More…]

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Clinical Depression symptoms in teenagers

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