Stylish Motivation To Drink More Water

Without a doubt, we all know the benefits of keeping hydrated — it can help the flush the body of toxins, supports the immune system, increases energy, even helps promote weight loss. A little H2O in your day to day is key.

Incorporating it into your routine can be a challenge, and sticking to it is another story from there. But there are some sneaky (and stylish!) tactics you can use to help kick up your water intake a notch — and love every minute of doing it.

  1. Start with chic and fashionable gear. Oprah Winfrey once said she keeps a cool glass near her desk to help her drink more water. It might sound silly, but it can actually really work! Hit a favorite housewares store and grab a glass or cup that fits your personal taste and style. If you’re on the go, look for a travel option. Don’t forget a pitcher or other container that has a fashionable element if you’re doing your own infusing.
  2. Add flavor. Infusions are a great way to amp up your water intake. Go beyond the traditional lemon, limes and oranges with fun and unexpected ingredients. Mint, cucumber, sage, basil, rosemary, strawberries — you can literally add just about anything. Or, get creative and mix a blend. Lemon or lime with cucumber and mint are amazing together. You can also experiment with cayenne pepper, vinegar and other additions. The sky is the limit! Not only can it help you drink more H2O, these ingredients can pack an additional nutritional punch or add potential health benefit. To really get the flavor, infuse and allow the water to sit for a few hours/overnight. But even adding as you go can make water a tasty treat.
  3. Use an app. Yes, there is technology to remind you to drink more water and track your water intake! Daily Water, Waterlogged and a bunch of others are available for smart phones of all types. Some are free, some cost a small fee. Nearly all allow reminders, and many offer tracking and tips, as well as letting you know when other beverages are helping your water intake. Take a look online for reviews and choose one that fits your goals and needs.
  4. Skip the bottle. Bottled water can help avoid chemicals and pollution from the tap, but it can also add to waste in the environment, add up in cost, and not all bottles are BPA-free plastic. Explore your options for filtration — a number of filtration pitchers and other products can help clean tap water. Just be sure to do a little homework to ensure you’re making the right buy, and stay diligent on replacing filters. You can also buy water in larger, BPA-free containers at stores like Whole Foods and keep at home. If you do need to buy bottled water, most brands that are BPA-free note it on the bottle. When in doubt, there are usually glass bottle options including at convenience stores and gas stations.

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