Why we wrote Kairn’s Manifesto from day 1

Why did we start Kairn?

What is a typical Kairn day?

Why call it Kairn?

  1. Empowering— Cairn — a wo.man-made pile of rocks that needs thoughtful order to find perfect balance. Your days and projects follow the same path. They need to be well-balanced to reach their goals.
    “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones” — Confucius
  2. Minimalist — Kern — The central area of a structure through which all compressive forces pass. Your tasks are the central part of your days, the unit that builds your projects and goals.
  3. Bold — Cairns — Secret plus: it is a beloved reminder for bold dreams for when travels return. Cairns is the gate-way to the Great Barrier Reef, one of my favorite places on Earth! #scubadivingforever 🐠

CEO of Kairn

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Patricia @Kairn

Patricia @Kairn

CEO of Kairn

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