Why we wrote Kairn’s Manifesto from day 1

Patricia @Kairn
3 min readJun 10, 2020


As the CEO of a young startup, I spend most of my time talking with users and potential new members for our team.

Both often ask why we started Kairn. The more I answer this question, the luckier I feel. Kairn is literally the company I have dreamt of building because it is based on values that are fully aligned with our team.

In fact, we started writing our Manifesto from day one and it’s our guide for building our product, for how we interact with users, with candidates, with each other in the team.

Having established our Manifesto makes it super easy to onboard anyone on our vision for Kairn, on why we are building it and where we want to take it. I’m not big on giving advice but if I may, build a company based on your values, you’ll have much more fun talking, writing and singing about it 🔥.

Why did we start Kairn?

You know that feeling of fulfillment you get after a day of extra productivity? We started Kairn because we want you to feel like that every single day. And we believe you can.

We believe in people, in you.
We believe that you can achieve any goal you set out for yourself. We seek to empower individuals and teams to get things done, so you feel accomplished. We’re here to show you that you can do it if you put in the effort.

We love your bold dreams, the ones that feel too far away to start building,
We love when you set to accomplish those dreams. We trust the fire that ignites when you go from dreaming bold to doing big. We build to help you make those dreams true on a daily basis, so no day goes by without intent.

We strive to help you focus on what matters.
We strive to have a minimalist vision. In a world of constant interruptions, it’s not about getting more done for the sake of it. It’s about being smart about it. We’re all about the 80/20, and we thrive to make you find the 20%.

You deserve to feel proud of your achievements. That’s why we chose empowering, bold and minimalist as our values.

What is a typical Kairn day?

⏰ Wake up with your goal in mind,
🤓 check what’s new for your day,
🤔 prioritize — do, plan, share, delete,
✅ get things done — on your own and with your crew,
👏 feel great about your accomplishments,
🛌 go to sleep with even bolder dreams for tomorrow,
🔥 Repeat.

Why call it Kairn?

The name is inspired by three universes:

  1. Empowering— Cairn — a wo.man-made pile of rocks that needs thoughtful order to find perfect balance. Your days and projects follow the same path. They need to be well-balanced to reach their goals.
    “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones” — Confucius
  2. Minimalist — Kern — The central area of a structure through which all compressive forces pass. Your tasks are the central part of your days, the unit that builds your projects and goals.
  3. Bold — Cairns — Secret plus: it is a beloved reminder for bold dreams for when travels return. Cairns is the gate-way to the Great Barrier Reef, one of my favorite places on Earth! #scubadivingforever 🐠

Funny thing is, when I told one of my brother that we were building Kairn, he started smiled and told me “This is so you. You’ve always been the one to tell me to reach for my dreams, to push me to get what I want, to encourage me to express my wild side. And you’ve always done it in a way that made me the main character of that story, you were in the shadows giving me strength, but I was the one doing it.”

I hope you get inspired and start working on your Manifesto too, syncing it with your values, with who you are.
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions,

Till then, have a great supercharged day ⚡️.
Patricia, CEO of Kairn, the tool to rock your days.



Patricia @Kairn

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