My Life Without Instagram

“high angle photo of person holding turned on smartphone with tall buildings background” by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

For over a month I have not used Instagram.
I can say that it was a bad habit, every day, early in the morning, pick up my mobile phone and see all the history of Instastories and photographs of the people that I followed.

Basically, I can say that I started my day watching the lives of other people. Madness right?

Well, for some time now, as I said in a previous article, I can say that I am more spiritually awake. 
For those who don’t believe in these things can call me crazy, but I don’t care. It’s just how I feel.
What I feel is as if someone had switched on a switch that I didn’t even know I had and I can see things differently. Some I already saw, but maybe now I can understand some better and let go of others that made me feel bad in life.

It’s like I’ve been walking all this time with sunglasses with a special filter, and now, I could see better without those glasses, without all these filters.

I don’t think Instagram is an evil thing, and there are good things about it if people don’t get addicted and be humble using it.

For example, I got to know several useful things through Instagram.
Good places to eat, to walk, to travel. It’s like a network sharing good times. The problem is that not everyone does this. A lot of people use this application for materialistic and totally superfluous things, which started to bother me a lot.

And you can say: well if it bothers you so much, maybe you stop following these people! And I left! But the problem is that it was everywhere!
The Instagram was no longer so much about sharing these new places and experiences as it was all about trying to show the world that each one’s life was perfect. All the photos posted were thought out in detail, people were always picked up in poses studied in order to look as perfect as possible. 
And it basically fills me up. Each one is free to publish whatever one wants is true, but I thought it was just crazy.

I simply wanted to shut myself out of this world.

I must say that this has been liberating. 
When I wake up, I no longer feel the crazy need to be living the lives of others and knowing who did what at what time of the day.
I also don’t feel the need to publish everything about my life, not at all.

Yes because the problem was in me too! It wasn’t just the other people. In the beginning, I remember thinking how fun and new this app was and I slowly start to publish one thing or another, but then I found myself publishing more and more things.
I rarely posted photos with me in them, I enjoyed more sharing experiences and food, and the places I visited.

But I noticed that I was going too many times on the mobile phone to see how many likes this photo had, and although this photo was not published with the intention of exhibitionism but rather of sharing, I was caring too much whether people liked it or not, and this was becoming a bad thing for me. Can you understand what I mean? At least it was slightly turning me into a path where I didn’t want to be in.

We get so addicted to having likes, and that makes us sick.

We are living for the likes, we aren’t living for that moment in that photo. We even start to look at things at an Instagram point of view you know?

“Oh, here’s a nice little thing, I’ll bet it will get me many likes! “

So you take that photo, which it might be really good one indeed, but you don’t even stop for a minute and appreciate what you are looking at. Right there, with your own eyes.

My life without Instagram has been better.

For many reasons:
1. I am more focused on myself. 
I don’t worry so much about what others are doing, nor do I feel like spying on each other’s lives. I’m more focused on my life and this is how it should be.
2. I have more time!
It may not seem like it, but spending minutes a day scrolling through the Instagram feed takes too much time of our lives. And those are minutes that we could use to actually do other things. 
3. I am proud of myself. 
As I said before, I was becoming more anxious and worried about things that didn’t even concern me. For me, it was becoming a bad habit, and like all addictions, it is always a sense of pride when we succeed and we are able to live again without it. We may think that, for a minute, it makes us feel good, but in fact, in the long run, it does not help us to be better for ourselves.
4. I feel emotionally better. 
The anxiety of wanting to know what people were doing, and controlling how many likes I had in my photographs, was making me be kind of emotional unstable at some level. It made me distract myself from more important things, which in turn made me stop living the present.
Sometimes we give too much importance to things that have happened and we can not change or things that still can or will happen. This is something I am still trying to improve on several levels, but without a doubt leaving this app helped me in this regard.

And then, we may think that it makes us feel good, but in fact, in the long run, it does not help us to be better for ourselves.

And for that reason, I stopped sharing anything.

There have been days when I went for stroll in places so beautiful that I thought: wow, this would make a beautiful photograph. 
And of course I take the photograph for me to remember, but a small part of me gains a willingness to publish and share this moment with the world. Then I think: it’s just a picture of a beautiful landscape, there’s no harm in it … , it’s true, but then the cycle begins. 
Then I would go back to Instagram and I would check out how many likes that photo had, and later that day, maybe I would see it again.
So I stop myself from doing it.
 I still want to share my photos with the world, I love photography, but I’ll find another way. There are some photography communities where people appreciate what is really in the photo you know? It’s true meaning.
And that is what I want.

I know that most people won’t agree with this article.
Because most people are still in the “Matrix”, and most of the people reading this are probably the people who live for the number of likes.
And also because of that, I probably won’t get many likes in this article, claps I mean…see where am I getting at? Likes everywhere.

The thing is…guess what? I don’t live for that anymore. 
I mean, I wish I had many claps, I wish many people REALLY, truly liked what I shared here, but not for the clapping, for the meaning of it, for the message I’m trying to pass.

I just wanted to share with all of you my personal experience, and how I got over this app addiction, and maybe even help others to do so.

Trust me, you will enjoy YOUR life so much more if you stop living the life of others.

Bu the way, I switched my Instagram app for Sportstracker and I feel gooood!