Realizing What Really Matters In Life

“woman sitting on cliff overlooking mountains during daytime” by Milan Popovic on Unsplash
“Growth and contribution: that’s the meaning of life”- The Minimalists

We always think that the most important thing is to have a stable job, to climb the career until having a 6 digit salary, to have a huge house, to have new cars, technologies.
People are getting more and more ignorant.

I think people, in general, are increasingly out of touch.

A Nokia study says that each person consults the cell phone at least 150 times a day. 
This is absurd.

Recently I began to feel the desire to get rid of everything else I have at home. All that I have and that I always think that someday will be useful, when in fact it ends up staying in the same place for months.
I started with my wardrobe; I took off all the clothes and paused for a moment to really look at each piece I had.
 I thought about what this piece of clothing meant to me and how it made me feel. Did it make me happy? I wondered how long I had kept it unused and began to make choices.

Everything that had not been used for more than 3 months was for donation or a friend, someone that really needed it.

And so it was.

Once I did that, I felt lighter, and I ended up with a wardrobe with clothes that were my favorite and gave me happiness.

This is also great to help you simplify the dilemma of what to wear every day because what we do have is enough and are pieces that really make us feel good with ourselves.

After that, I went through the rest of my material possessions. 
Books, accessories, footwear, magazines, notebooks with such old stuff, things I didn’t even remembered and didn’t add any value to my everyday life …
It’s amazing how we manage to have so much we really don’t need.

There is in the human being a need to buy things in search of happiness.

I know because I’ve been like this, and I think we all have been at some time in our lives.

I’ve never been too spendy but looking back now, I can see my consumerist side and realize how many things I bought at the time, feeling like I needed all of that.

I had the idea that all those things would make me feel more fulfilled, happier.

In fact, every time we buy something, we get a sense of satisfaction.
 But we have to ask ourselves why. What’s it’s purpose, do we even need that in our life?
We must first consider the real necessity of buying instead of buying things just by pure consumerism.

People are living an illusion. Society is living a lie, and the sooner people realize it, the sooner they can focus on what really matters.

I’ve always lived a lot focused on money, and I was almost obsessed with putting together as much as possible. 
I just wanted to see my bank account with more and more digits. It’s not a bad thing I guess, but it made me a very anxious person and I was becoming too concerned with it.

This compulsive need was affecting my daily life and the way I lived my life.

I didn’t consider myself an unhappy person, but when I finally realized it, I came to the conclusion that living this way didn’t make me happy either, and I was not living life as I should.

It was like an awakening. I truly believe in the power of the mind and the awakening of our consciousness on a spiritual level. I believe that at some point in our lives, for some reason, there is a time when we seem to have turned on a switch. It’s as if we see things in a different way.

I was at a time in my life that a lot of my relationships with people changed and this whole set of situations led me to focus more on myself, I start seeing the world differently and it changed the way I looked to myself.

All of this has led me to research more and more about being minimalist.
I saw documentaries about people who left everything to travel around the world, or who moved from a huge house to a wooden trailer. 
The more I learned about this way of life, the more fascinated I became and the more I wanted to follow the example of these people. Not at an extreme level, but to give value to what I really had in my life and start thinking of the material stuff and superfluous things I had acquired over the years.

I especially advise one of the first documentaries I saw on this subject: “Minimalism — A Documentary About The Important Things”.
I hope you search this and watch it, even just for a little. If this video doesn’t make you think even for a second, about what you have in your life, I don’t know what will.

I believe it is important to pass on this message to as many people as possible because we are getting to the point of such ignorance, a lack of humanity and closeness between human beings and the world around us, that sincerely frightens me.

Society tries to educate our minds that when consuming more and more, we will be more and happier. In acquiring this or that, we fill the void that each one feels and does not know why.

The media are constantly bombarding us with illusions of how we should live our lives, and make it seem like they know what the perfect life should be, and people end up believing and forget that perfection does not exist.

The Minimalists say in the documentary I mentioned earlier, that, fortunately, people are beginning to realize more and more that they are being deceived.

There is still a long way to go, but the fact that people are awakening and discovering a new path is inevitable.

“Love people, use things. The opposite never works”.