What Made Me Want To Be Vegan

And I think I’m getting there…

“top view salad with guacamole” by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

I always thought vegetarians, or vegan people, were people from another world.

I’ve never understood the difference between one and the other and have always found “these people” strange. I’ve always seen it as a trend.
 The other day, I do not know how I ended up finding a documentary called “Food Choices”.
I know that it seems practically impossible the ideologies that we have changed when seeing a simple documentary but this happened to me.

I’ve always been sensitive to animals. Every animal I see abandoned I insist on bringing home. I have never supported any kind of animal exploitation, from clothing, shoes, anything that came from animal tests.
I just grew up thinking that this was the circle of life; We had to kill them for food, as long as it was done in a “humane way”. It’s true.
 If we think about it, it’s how we all were raised! Most vegans did eat dairy, and meat and fish and cheese..Right? 
We can’t imagine a world, a reality without that mozzarella topping on that pepperoni pizza! We just can’t. We choose to not even think about that reality.

The problem is that watching this documentary changed my mentality and made me question a lot! It made me wonder about the real need to eat meat and fish. Is there such a need?
 It made me better appreciate the fact that so many people are taught that the whole meal has to be made up of a piece of fish and a piece of meat and what comes together is only secondary. 
It’s all about the meat and the fish.
After investigating the subject I found myself fascinated!

It’s like I’ve seen a new world!
Our culture is so accustomed to this custom that it has become something normal. And all who can see beyond and stop eating fish and meat are seen as an anomaly. They are seen as I saw who was vegetarian or vegan.

I gave by I’m thinking; What if I became a vegan?

I stopped consuming eggs and milk a long time ago because it made me sick…What more proof did I needed right? My body was telling me like: Helloooo, stop eating this!! So I did. After many, many times eating those things.

I thought for myself how deep down, we all know the truth; we all know that the world is turning around money.

Unfortunately, it is so. It is what it is.
So, seeing the documentary “Food Choices” fascinated me so much. 
The more I saw, it was as if a new reality came to the top. I did not even question it for a second! Everything they said made perfect sense!
There it is; Why has not anyone ever heard of this? Why do doctors and nutritionists always talk about meat and fish diets?” OHH Get them the hydrates and sugars but do not take the meat and the fish! They need protein!“

It’s all part of the industry and the power that money has over people.
And here’s the horrible truth, which on the one hand completely shocked me, but on the other hand, it answered many questions: even the people who care for our health and well-being (doctors) only want to know one thing: money.

They violate their promise, knowing precisely how they could help people, they know precisely what many people could stop taking medicines, they know … but in the same way, they lie to us! 
Of course, they do not want us to leave the drugs, that makes money!
 Of course, the only way to have protein and be healthy is to eat lots of meat, fish, and eggs and yogurts! 
If we stop eating these “things” a lot of money will get lost.

And I…just don’t want to contribute any more to this…I don’t even know what we can call this. It’s so inhuman and cruel!
I want to help in some way, and the least I can do, it’s simply not giving money to these industries, to these people.

And the more we think about it, the more everything makes sense.

Whatever they say, there is no reason for each of us not to be vegan!

If we can be healthy and save so many animals lives…then what is the point? Seriously! 
What is stopping us then? If there’s no viable reason for us humans to consume meat? And fish, and animal products!

And the sooner we realize and accept this fact, scientifically proven, the better it will be for our health and the better it will be for the world and animals!