Me, Madi and Jenna at The Wildflower Experience

I’ll start this story telling with a notice that I am new to sport, new from the eyes of those who realize that mastery or even elementary knowledge of greatness in an endeavor such as sport, takes years or a lifetime.

Last season, on May 17th, is when I rented my first wetsuit, which was one of the final steps to me becoming a legitimate triathlete. I wrote a post about my first triathlon, an Olympic distance.


“To give anything less than yourself is to sacrifice The Gift.” — Steve Prefontaine

I am currently preparing for Gather • Women’s Social Club’s next event. And, as we approach the date, I’m continuously considering the best ways to offer fun, value and tools for positive change, to the group. I specifically created this club with the intention of empowering young women with access to each other as a support system, to the tools to realize leadership roles, equal pay and fair treatment in business. To achieve those realizations, it takes strength and courage. …

Last night, I had the honor of speaking at a Fireside Chat at Holberton School, a school which teaches dedicated students the skills to become Full Stack Engineers. We were a group of ~24 people, seated in the lovely work space of the School (fantastic art, lighting and energy), collaboratively embarking on a Fireside Chat with yours truly.

I shared more personal details in this one hour than I’ve done with the industry in the entire time I’ve been in it. More transparency about my feelings regarding diversity initiatives and the sprouting challenges there, feelings about the sexism (or…

Larry the Bird

I know you’re busy. Very busy. And, I know you want to do exceptional work. I also know that you understand how important Twitter has become to our modern day workforce for establishing a more intimate brand sentiment, trusted engagement and thought leadership. Because of these things, I thought I’d give a solid “college try” to present a “how-to” for you, a busy executive, to win at using Twitter . …


Head of Community, Founder, Gather Women’s Social Club, #pelotonpatricia

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