I’m sorry because you’re a dangerous, dipshit, horror of an ally who refuses to research his job and work for the American people the way a person who actually understood the job in the first place would.
A Hastily Written Diatribe Against the Dizzying, Ridiculous, Misbegotten Presidency of The…
Ré Harris

Along these lines, I keep lamenting the fact that “to serve the American People” isn’t a bigger part of the job explanation. I see someone with zero interest in doing anything to help people in general. It’s obvious he feels that at most, he only must consider the party that voted him in, not “the losers”, like it’s a game little kids play with marbles for brains. The hot button item this month is health care, obscured for all by Comey’s firing, “The Russian’s Are Coming!” — name of an old silly film, but really, the day after firing Comey Vlade asked Trump to welcome a couple compatriots, which he did, to the oval office. While there, big questions as to what intelligence secrets he can blab to anyone he wants to and screw the rest of us, even if it does put American’s lives in danger… I’m sure I’ve read this book before.

Now that we’re all blind-sided and being smoke-screened nobody seems to be paying much attention to the health care bill that continues to get modified and debated in the Senate. That bill could mean we will be unable to get life-saving surgery because of a pre-existing, though not pre-diagnosed brain tumor. Happy Days, eh?

It’s good to see you writing Re’

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