A Call for Collaboration

And… hahaha if you want visitors like me from the west coast who occasionally get a desire to see leaves with different colors, make it less formal sounding. Like rather than “Our town, does hereby declare…” say something like…

The Proclamation for a Kind Maine (or similar scenic state) Town

by someone from California, where we run the gamut from being comfortable at 59 degrees to still comfortable at 90.

Here in town we like everything to be chill and unlike the vibe any place else. We all get down w respect to our visitors, home and business owners, world weary travellers and pets. Everyone here is free to Love who you Love, speak how you do and hold back the drama.

We agree to be kind to every life form we sense, be it our alien friends from above, anything made from any of the elements on the periodic table (except the eighth one, don’t ask), all weather phenomena (yeah, stuff falls out of the air here), and that thing you feel but can’t name right behind ya. It’s because we’ve still got shit here that was built or born before 1938, that’s why.

Every dwelling has a real old fashioned book with paper pages but spotty wi-fi. And if it gets below 65f we can keep ya from the… um, chill. The other kind of chill, like from the classic movies on TCM.

Don’t mess with anyone else’s shit and remember, clean up after yourselves and this is/is not a bud friendly state.*

*Additional information required:

If it is a bud friendly state then you also are Required to name any 24 hour food places.

If not, you must post that the next bud friendly state is ______ miles going _____, towards ______.

Yeah, you might not want any West Coast visitors.

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