Yeah, I fucking love you too!
H. Nemesis Nyx

Hey Ms. Borg,

Just realized my response to you didn’t go through. Working on this tablet is never reliable but sometimes its the only option.

I got to missing seeing anything new coming from you recently so did a little checking.

Because you are one Amazing Cyborg who makes me smile. Even when you’re not writing a love poem you make me smile.

On accounta I think we might share a bit of irreverence during dark times. Having been in the dark so much I’ve found the only way to keep the mushrooms from popping up on my arms, in my hair, practically anyplace the shit falls is to fight back by spewing an acid tongued rebuttal or barking ferociously. Really — when I’ve asked my daughter to leave me alone for 2 minutes and she fails 6 times, I turn around real fast and snarl and bark at her. She gets shocked out of her brain injured “me me me world” and nods, taking her dog outside with her. 3 minutes later she’s back, asks “are you feeling better mom?”. I nod AND SHE FRIGGING PETS ME!!! No lie.

So I see you said you got bad news and may be retreating into your cold metal cyborg caccoon. I failed to mention I’m part cyborg too. Screws and plates all over my back. Directly behind my liver and heart. Which is making me nervous about the MRI they want to do on my liver…

Imagine the tech’s reaction after rolling me into the machine. Doing their annoying shouts over the Bam Bam Bam of the machine. Suddenly they hear “shlurp….Aughhh!!!!….shlerp…shlerp” as the screws go zapping out of my back and through my heart, liver, spleen and my whole body is lifted and now screwed into the top of their MRI machine, blood pouring out onto the floor…

All in all, an unsatisfactory patient result.

So has your fear of being allergic to your bionic parts been realized? Or are you being mind-fucked with the wrong medicine?

How about a pink dolphin swimming alongside a whale? Awww… Isn’t that just the most Precious thing you’ve ever seen? Oh c’mon, admit it, you’re starting to smile….

Ha! There’s a cyborg giggle! That’s my girl!

Wait, what? You’re not seven? Ok then.

What can we, mere cyborg admirers do for you? If you have to go back in the hospital (US preferred, CA a special bonus) I’d be happy to come be the Mama Grizzly Bear From Hell. I might even be able to convince them I’m a zombie if the MRI happens first!

Seriously, I hope things are improving. You can email me if you want. We’re in CA but rarely asleep before 2am.

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