After “Lying’ Ted Cruz” “Crooked Hillary Clinton” and “Little Marco Rubio”

Hmmm… A very odd night has me feeling a bit vindictive.

We have to go with something he surely will recognize as offense. And since he doesn’t read it can’t be more than two syllables unless it’s already been explained to him on a number of occasions.

Gotta be relevant and representative of all those things that have raised our hackles while lowering our IQs…

What does he hate the most? Based on first place in the “insult them all” marathon of mindless junk, I think he first said

The Mexicans.

They’re sending us rapists and murderers and drug dealers and who knows what else!

But wait.

Other politicians


The African Americans

who live in pig pens paid for by someone else and its a sad, sad war zone. They need to get jobs and stop killing eachother. The “ch-ching!” Law & Order President is gonna come straighten everything out. (Think militia with bigger guns, Marshall Law and curfews you had at age 8)

But worst of all, the ones who Just Don’t Get It are those sleezy, disgusting fat and unattractive


They’ve changed everything and now we all run and hide from the PC Police. One day its OK to call them “piece of ass” and the next day you get attacked for it! I tell ya, it’s Rigged!!! 🎲

They meet a man like me 😸 and are immediately attracted even if they don’t know it yet. Every Single Woman wants ME!!! 💩 Even the ugly ones!

If they can’t handle sexual harassment then they should work as Sunday School Teachers! 😇

All they’re fun for is seeing how far they’ll let you go when you walk up and grab them by the pussy 😈!


The choice is obvious to me.

Senor Pussy Loser!

Fired Tramp Pussified

Trumpeter el Gato

Mr DDD: Deplorable, Disgusting, Defeated

Locker Room Loser

Prisoner 374906, sexual crimes unit

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