Excerpts from my graphic memoir on living with OCD & illness.
Sherry Caris

Hugs Sherry. My doctor is being a lot like yours has in the past. He gets cranky when he tells me to go get an MRI and I “forget” for 60 days then have to go back for another order. That buys me outlandish scary stories about how his other patient had the “exact same thing as you, died six weeks later. If only he’d had the test we could have saved him.” I think he even faked a whimper and a tear as he added “Who will care for your daughter when you’re gone?”

bah humbug! I think lots of people in So Cal are edgy following a 4+ temblor a couple weeks ago. It was a Ying shot and we’ve been off balance since, need the Yang shot to get righted again.

Sending you warm fuzzies n hot cocoa

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