It was a tactic my father (and later my husband) REALLY liked to use as a manipulation/power play.
Ditto. Her selective/random/intermittent acknowledgement of those showing support and/or offering…

I swear it seems we’ve led parallel lives… or, you’re really me, and I’m really you, in which case I’m a far better writer than I thought and you’re sitting outside by the (crumbling) pool without a sweater or shoes and I have to raise kids through their teens again? No, Nada, nyet. I’ll stick with no snow.

We are pretty pathetic about this. I may have to go out and force a “hi!” from everyone I see.

Ooh, except last week a creepy guy tried to talk me into helping him get his two “mental health” pills out of his too tight front jeans pocket. Ugh.

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