Charlie Scaturro

I’m impressed that you’re taking the time and focusing on learning more about yourself. We initially talked about Depression last month. It gets the Capitol ‘D' this month because I’m having to re-qualify with SSDI for major depression. Which is an activity which ironically worsens depression in me.

So to read an introspective piece weeks later tells me you’re doing some serious work. I hope that you’ll take that comment in the way I meant it; if the situation were reversed I would feel it to be an affirmation or validation that I’m on the right path and making progress.

I have a lot of difficulty with self assessments in most areas of my life.

Even after writing about your experience in the bar I still found myself kind of angry with the woman who assaulted you, in part because it made you question yourself, but also that kind of “female empowerment” does nothing for enlightening anyone though it sometimes gets passed off as “women’s lib”.

As I was doing the dishes I was thinking about if we had the chance to talk about it I would ask you to switch the names and genders in the story then read it again. If you still didn’t see the wrongness of the behavior then imagine its your little sister being made to feel uncomfortable. At some point I think the cops would be called if the genders were reversed.

Yeah I did spend a long time in therapy and also was made legal guardian to 3 very troubled teens who needed to learn about boundaries, so the therapy tricks are still pretty fresh in my mind.

Anyway, I appreciate your intelligent writing and authenticity. I hope you keep writing because I really like your “writers voice” — it kind of reminds me of the southern lawyer turned writer who did very well with the Pelican Brief and A Time to Kill (sorry, horrible memory). I’m sure other readers will appreciate it as well.

Good luck on your personal journey.