This response means the world to me.
Heather Nann

I’m so glad to have brought you a small gift considering all that you give.

Bestest of wishes and thoughts and inspiration to you always.

BTW I have been ‘Mom' to 1 biological who survived and 3 very traumatized abused orphan siblings that had the horrific distinction…

Screeech. Putting brakes on that. I can’t write anything where they might accidentally stumble across it one day, or attract anyone who might want to exploit them.

But if you ever need to hear how incredibly bad starts, middles and early adulthood trauma and drama can still result in people who are decidedly better adjusted than anyone would have predicted drop me a line at this email address:

Its an email address that’s layered below anything that personally identifies me but I still monitor.

I have a background in computers, computer security and identity theft protection and strongly recommend this type of alternative one-off email account for anyone who might attract trolls or get spammed or publicly attacked. Keeping an email address like that separate from your other email addresses can be a life saver if you get hacked or targeted with a denial of service goonie.

I’ve struggled with major depression for a long while and have found that being able to connect with others who get it but still push forward can help me put things in perspective if my mind starts spinning out on negative possibilities.

Again, reading YOUR works are part of my self medication arsenal that helps keep me in balance. I hope you have people that provide you with that as well.

Finally, can you share some other writers names or work on Medium that you particularly enjoy or give you a moments respite?

Big thank you Heather!

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