Really, though, the lesson for me is that there is no lesson: I don’t want to give her the power to make me distrusting or less supportive the next time someone reaches out for help. That’s just not who I want to be, even if it means that I get duped on occasion. Sounds like it’s not who you want to be, either.
Hi Ré, I took a relatively light-hearted approach but I am no less angry, frustrated…
Sherry Kappel

I’m working on an essay that expounds on this. We gave support and caring, we gave, we gave because we are caring and supportive people most often. To allow one, or 5 or 10 to have such an impact that it changes how I respond, well, only I can ever decide for me, I reserve the right. People who would deceive or take advantage of that are certainly in need of some type of help, but likely won’t be hearing from me again. There’s simply no way I could trust again after being burnt that badly.

If there is any lesson to be learned, I would think it should just be a gentle suggestion to never give more than you can afford. Of money, or if you’re too emotionally overwhelmed already, or taking excessive time away from the other important things in your life.

Sherry you demonstrated wisdom, compassion and a very caring heart. You made me want to behave more like you do. You were consistently kind. As tre has said, it’s always best to err on the side of kindness.

We demonstrated the compassion and caring that someone actually in those circumstances described by Jennifer needs. We are not diminished for having done so. The alternative to giving someone the benefit of no doubt isn’t the way I want to live or feel inside.

You are someone I’m glad to have met. The world needs more kindness especially now. It’s a better place for having people like you to offset some of the darkness. ❤