I have to think that the hardest part of all is just walking out the door, so kudos to you, as…
Sherry Kappel

Not really impressive, it was necessary for the survival of us both. Being a mom changes you quick as I’m sure you know. That instinct to protect your offspring is probably the strongest. Still, it’s kind of a crazy thing to look back on. I never would have considered someone like me to end up in that cycle. I’d been very independent before marriage. He’d been married before and had a surprisingly long and intractable view of what being a wife meant. Each step towards domination seemed small and generally not out of the ordinary of how I knew some couples to be. They just kept adding up until I one day I woke with a black eye, pregnant and in the middle of nowhere (which I found out is just at the continental divide in Montana where 170 people lived).

That’s all a long time in the past now and I never had an abusive relationship again.

I hope we hear from Jennifer soon. I’m concerned she got beat up more than she expected by his defense attorney.