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Really??? You’ll NEVER write again because a woman yelled at you harshly? On the internet. You didn’t even have to smell her breath or be worried she might step on your foot. You’ve been through tougher things than that going to the grocery store on a Friday night, right?

I know I have anyway. I had someone run a red light and crash into the side of my new car last month, and 5 months prior had a guy pull a gun on me instead of help jump my car AND he stole my jumper cables!

We have ALL been yelled at before, had our character questioned and had fights with friends. Don’t stop doing something that you enjoy because of others. Fictionalize your stuff if that’s better for awhile.

You’re certainly free to do whatever you like, but I hope you read my piece that said you may not have deceived anyone and give it some thought. I wrote it last night, as in, stayed up all night just to write it for you.

And with that said, I have nothing more to say and am off to take a nap.