Hi Patricia,
Richard Mach

Thank you Richard, you have been so kind in your response to me. Had this not been the week from hell for an awful lot of us l would not have said anything. Obviously you are far more self aware and in control of your responses than my daughter is. That’s the fine tuning that can take the longest to get back.

As an example I am still having an awful migraine and she is still shouting everything that comes to mind even though I may be standing beside her. Part of that is because she forgot me mentioning the migraine about five minutes after I told her. Short-term memory is part of that fine-tuning as well, but I bet you know that if you’ve been around others with severe or profound TBI when you were getting better.

It sounds like you are doing very well and I’m very happy for you. If you feel like it I would like to talk to you (through email) about your injury and my daughters and perhaps we can share therapies that have worked for you that we haven’t tried yet and vice versa. I know that every brain injury is unique, just as each brain starts out unique and what helps one person may not help another. Still it always helps to talk to someone else who has been through some of the same things.

My daughters accident was in May 2001 shortly after she started classes at the University of California, Irvine. I started a TBI support group on line a few months later and found that TBI survivors were more helpful, kind and knowledgeable than any of the doctors or therapists. Like they helped me to find the right neuro-optomotrist at UCLA who made it possible to fix my daughters eyes so she could read again and not fall down each to!e she stood up.

Again, thank you for your kindest of responses! As you may see we are more than just a reading / writing club. I haven’t been here all that long but love it and so many of the authors who practically bleed their stories out, helping all of us to grow in our appreciation of writing and each other.

Ezinne is one of the lovely rare birds who can sing like no other with a strong, intelligent voice that demands to be heard if only for the richness and power of her words. She has a truth about her that isn’t always the easiest to take in and truly hear, but each time I do I feel I am made a better person for having done so.

You can email me at Patricia_naomi@outlook.com. I’ve just finished setting this email address up so if you have problems with it please try again in an hour or so.

Thanks, Patricia

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