Because she’s perfect as the strong and capable boss who has moments of vulnerability.
Ezinne Ukoha

That’s true, Ms. Bailey is the ideal. It looked like maybe Stephanie might be the more honest, authentic representation — smart, extremely capable, not frightened of “the other Dr. Shepard”, willing to stand up to stupid shit that was going to happen as a result of bruised egos. I thought she had life in her, and was still readying to fly. Then they make a hero out of her when the creep tries to kidnap the kid and Stephanie gets burned in the fire while saving the little white girl. Martyrdom didn’t suit her in my opinion.

I’ve been stuck on Netflix for awhile now too. Watched Narcos — it was pretty good, the story of el Chapo. I like intense, conflicted characters who have to work out their real elemental issues before they’re going to get anywhere. The cop in Narcos might do it — I’m not done yet.

I do want diversity in the movies I watch. As in, not all white cis people. That’s boring. Add people from Venezuela, POC from Niger and White Imperialists from Zimbabwe, perhaps a black japanese man, a couple reserved Russians and a barely grounded woman who gave those spirited white folks tours to Machu Pichu despite being all used up long ago. Real people with emotional situations you wouldn’t expect. The type of people you work with if you’re at a company that really is focused on getting a highly technical product out the door on time, conceptualized often in Africa or India, financed in America, programmers and Project Managers rewarded for honest work and not politics. Those places really do exist, though not easy to find.

Any viewing recommendations appreciated.

You appear more vulnerable and willing to go deeper into yourself in your writing these last few months. I like it. Honesty, vulnerability, and “fuck with me and you’re dead” all hand in hand.

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