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When I fly I have to lug a 20 lb “portable” oxygen concentrator with me due to a botched back surgery (they never should have gone in through my lung!) I turn the noisy thing on and put on the nose cannula (“I’m so Pretty, Oh so Pretty!” only when I start to feel light headed. The concentrator heats up the area around me and is annoying with it’s regular beeps and hisses. People love to see me coming!

On one flight that was very crowded the flight attendant announced rudely “That’s not gonna fit!” as I passed through first class to my crappy tiny seat in the back. A young woman sitting comfortably in her roomy first class seat looked up, surveyed the situation and said “I’ll trade seats” and off she went!

Guess who that generous young woman was?

Well, I ain’t sayin’. Except that she used to be married to Brad Pitt!

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