History Continues
Sherry Kappel

Wow. Very moving Sherry. The story of AME always makes me feel so small and inconsequential; defeated by simply knowing the pain and truth. How can I help? Whatever I imagine, it’s never enough. But here, you’ve demonstrated just how powerful a single voice can be as you keep the people and their lives in the front of our gaze, demanding we not give up, or in, or step around this hurt, relegating it to just another shocking headline of depravity. Besides the headlines with their body counts, “How many innocent children?” and efforts to disparage or dehumanize the victims (“whew! They were nothing like me!) we’re left with a new packet of stats to view and compare with the other shocking acts that continue to pile up.

As we gather near the place it happened with our shaking heads repeating “I can’t begin to imagine such a horror…” and hopefully someone, something, a feeling pulls us back, quietly noting “there were people here too” and we’re reprimanded for our Outrage Porn, and our Shock Porn “Oh yes, that’s terrible, but did you hear about this other one?” thirst for drinking up horrors worse than the last, as if comparing them as sport to see just how frightening this time and place can be, and is it just for others the danger?

Or should we start panicking for our children, ourselves, and the cat now too?

Thank you for your clarity Sherry — you saw and noted for us too, besides the insignificant details of the end of their lives, there were people there too. Their names, dreams and each life gone were so much more; they shouldn’t be remembered as his victims because for all of their lives leading up to this, they were whole, unique and special people. The last hour of their life and the name of the man who killed them should not be all they’re remembered for. They were people, too.

Thank you Sherry.

❤ Patricia

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