Out of the 40 exhibitors/private galleries that showcase their collections and works of art, I chose the Yavuz Gallery most because I was amazed by the messages of the works of art in there,I can relate it to our day-to-day lives and I’m captivated most by the paintings which can impart message to the audience. I also chose this gallery because the message is not really hard to decipher and you can comprehend it right away.

This painting was made by Anton Del Castillo entitled “A Play For Life” which is made from oil on gold leaf panel. This one caught my attention since it was able to show that most of us are doing certain acts in order to survive and to succeed in life. In doing so, we tend to forget our very own welfare as shown in the painting wherein they are all skeletons. As a result, we might attain what we want but it might also lead to our downfall.
This one was made by Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew (1989, Thailand) which is entitled “Leave” and is a mixed media. This one was able to show that whenever something or someone leaves us, it also takes away our happiness which in turn will make us feel empty. This kinds of situation is inevitable in our lifetime and we don’t have any choice but to accept and to embrace it and hope for something better coming our way.
This painting tells about manipulation of others in our lives. In our everyday living, there are instances wherein others tend to control us and that we might also fall for it without knowing. Such situation usually take place since those people who control us are also being controlled as shown in the painting.

Out of the 11 known Contemporary Filipino artist, I chose Agnes Arellano, Elmer Borlongan/Emmanuel Garibay/Mark Justiniani and Mark Valenzuela the most since there works caught my attention.

a. Agnes Arellano

Her works are entitled “Project Pleiades” and is made from cast stone, tea stained (2016–2017). The works of Agnes Arellano shows female celestial beings. I describe her works as a form of showing how a women can be powerful in our society and can bring a huge role. In the sculpture above, it shows that a woman has many crucial roles and one if which is to become a mother.

b. Elmer Borlongan/Emmanuel Garibay/Mark Justiniani

The painting is entitled “Tagadagat” which is made from oil on canvas. The 3 artists who made this painting were comrades for years and their talents had been honed by committed involvement in militant activism. This one caught my attention the most out of all the works of art shown because it shows us the complete status, beliefs of an individual in a society and all the factors which makes us human in this world. Like for example, there is a man in glasses which seemed that he was born rich but does not do anything for his society, there is also a nun who chose her profession because that is the God’s calling for her, there’s a man sitting which seemed to be too satisfied with his life which shows that he’s too indolent to get to the top of the hierarchy of society and many more.

c. Mark Valenzuela

Mark Valenzuela’s work of art is entitled “New Folk Heroes” which is made from ceramic, concrete, timber, and found objects. This one shows his own critical narrative of culture and society in the Philippines through biomorphic ceramic figures. It simply shows us the typical way of our life in our day-to-day living. It also seemed to be a traditional look of our society way back then which includes the painted and designed stones that indicates that Filipinos were already artistic and creative before.

Description of the audience

Most of the people at the fair were adults, students, photographers who were interested in taking the pictures of the works of art shown and individuals who were interested to buy those artworks. Some of them were not drawn to abstract since it is hard to understand. What I can say about the local contemporary Philippine art scene is that we Filipinos have the gifted talent to do a wide array of artworks and I think it is already innate to us Filipinos. In comparison to my visit at the National Museum, I noticed that there were more people who attended the Art Fair probably because they don’t want the vibe of going to the museums. Also, I only saw a very few people in the National Museum compared to the Art Fair wherein it is already crowded. Some of the people I saw at the fair were somehow critical and choosy in appreciating artworks. Overall, I enjoyed going to the Art Fair but for me, I would actually prefer going to the museums because aside from the beauty and message that the artworks can impart, I’m more into the old types of artworks created by our famous artists since its value increases as the time goes by.

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