Momma is Santa Real?

At some point and time we all hear the Christmas question. Is Santa real? The age of the child and your own parenting preferences, determines the way that question is answered. There really isn’t a wrong or right answer.

Some parents want to keep the magic real for as long as possible, or even as an automatic response, they assure the child that yes, Santa’s real. Other parents may feel like if their child is asking, they are ready to know the truth. Or else, simply don’t want to point blank lie to their child. Both perspectives are valid and perfectly acceptable.

As for me, I try not to tell my kids what to believe or not to believe. This method has helped me avoid this question in past years. I'd simply answer that it was up to them to decide if they believe or not. Worked beautifully, until this year.

My eleven year old son, once again, asked me The Question. I responded with my norm. However, he was not letting it go this time. He insisted on me just answering the question of if I believed.

My head started spinning. What do I say to this? Either answer would influence what he believed. I never prepared myself for being forced into a corner. I didn’t want to take away the magic. He’s got very little time left of being a young child. I also did not want to lie to him directly. So, as I looked at him, deciding how to answer I began to think of what Santa truly is. I was able to honestly answer yes.

Of course, I don't believe in an old man in a red suit flying around in a sleigh pulled by magical reindeer. However, Santa Claus is much more than an ancient mythical man.

Santa is the embodiment of the spirit and magic of Christmas. He is the twinkle in a child's eyes when they get excited about Christmas coming. He's the joy and laughter on Christmas morning as they open their gifts. He's the dreams and wishes in a child's mind. He's that element of love and giving. He's a role model of who we should all be, not only on Christmas, but all year long.

Santa may not be “real” in the basic sense. However, he is alive in the hearts of children, in endless traditions, and in those beautiful, magical stories and songs that most of us grew up hearing. I can honestly say, I will always believe in Santa Claus.