Positivity and productivity. They go hand in hand.

Are you a positive person? All the time or just for moments? I have to admit. I´m not so good when it comes to ¨positivity¨. At least not all the time. I have met people who are the living sign of Positivity. It just a natural behaviour for them. But I also have met those who are not positive at all. Ever! And those who want and they just can´t.

Well, positivity is just not an easy term. All we need is trying, and the rest will come alone.

I´ve being wanting to aprouch Positivity since a few days ago. I´ve wanted to change. To be new, to be better. I have realized that my negative thoughts were not leading me to any place. At least not at a good place.

I´ve being thinking that negative feelings, thoughts and behaviours will not attrack anything else than negative actions and negative responds of the people around me, and from the universe. It´s a fact of popular and studied fields. Negative attracks Negative. This is not apply for physics. In physics is quite the opposite. Even when some people used it on relationship and frienships behaviours.

So, exactly. Why being negative when you can be positive?

Look around. Positivity is everywhere. Really, take a deep look. Songs, movies, blogs, people, work, life…

So, let´s collide positivity and productivity. How much they are related? They go together hand in hand as best friends.

Now, the two terms at work. How mixed the two of them? I´ve being thinking about it because of my own experiences at work.

It´s no secret that negative feelings and behaviours can be tied to bad attitudes at work. And with that comes a critical productivity. A research conducted by Stanford University’s Robert Sapolsky shows how stress from negative influences of others and ourselves can shrink the hippocampus, the very part of the brain required to solve problems and drive initiatives. So a negative moment isn’t only unproductive, it’s counter-productive, depressing cognitive function and dampening can-do spirit.

See how negative emotions provoque new negative feelings. Everyone of the terms in the picture lead to bad attitudes at work, and that´s what we show to others. In sum, less productivity, less work advances.

There are some strange ideas that some people are on they best productivity moments with low and negative emotions. Example: it can be seen in practitioners of art. There are painters who have made their best works on moments of depression. Or song writters that have made their best single in heartbreaking times. It can happen. It´s also a fact.

But what about positivity? If you have try it you know what i´m talking about. Even when i´m just based in my own experiences and in what I have seen in others.

Many people think that success leads to positive things. Actually, it´s the other way around. The cultivation of positive emotions had a relationship with the productivity and the success. The same for individuals or teams. Positivity comes with a good feeling of gratitude and apreciation for others, as well as self-regard.

Sorround yourself into Positivity . Physical environment can have an enormous impact. Personalizing our workspaces with pictures of family, pets, favorite places, or hobbies; add plants for some people, children’s artwork, or holiday decorations. Those things inspire positive feelings which increases our good mood and the possibilities of our brains to process, making us more thoughtful, creative, and open to new ideas.

They also help build our capabilities, making us more productive and successful. Allow time in each day for “positivity habits.”

What to do to be more positive at work and reach for productivity. This is what i´ve gotten on my readings about the topic.

Pace yourself. Rushing tasks will create more errors than what we ussually make. Do things quietly.

– Is a good choice to share your achievments with others, with your co-workers. Supporting your collegues ideas and works is a good idea too. That way you will create positivity feelings in others.

- Collaborate. Collaborating with others can be a good path for achieving mutual goals. Don´t be afraid of asking for help to others. Take in count advices of others with more experience than you. Showing interest makes others feel good.

- Keep the good attitude facing boring jobs. Biddeing the bullet and facing mind numbing tasks head on is what i´m saying. Not all we have to do in our daily work lifes is pleasing. Sometimes we need to face tasks and people we don´t like. Face those facts is a piece of the puzzle too.

Compassion. Trying and remaining compassionate to negative people and collegues is helpful to create a positive attitude. Remember that people are ussually negative for a reason. Well, at least 99% of the times.

Accept Critisims. Be understanding with any critisism aimed at you by any ot your collegues. Try to use the feedback to improve your work. If the critisism makes no sense to you because the subject is lacking of strong facts for critizing you, move on. Don´t aim back. It will not help.

Adapt and get use to changes. In the proffesional world things change often. Things and specially bussiness change to survive. Make sure, or at least try to show yourself open to new things rather than resisting to it. Change is something we need to get through with positivity. Is a fact of life.

Relax on your free time. Listening to audiobooks, podcasts or inspirational music is a good idea for relaxing. Sometimes we need to be quite and relax away from work and people. It´s not a bad thing.

Check your time usage. Are you taking the most of your time? Focus your best efforts and time in important and urgent tasks. Let the non urgent for later. Schedule yourself.

Make breaks. If you don´t have a break time during the day, make one. Take some time of the day to recover yourself and refocus on your tasks. Drink coffee, read short papers, relax.

The picture avobe looks like a mess right? Well, it has perfectly wrotten all the effects of being positive. Figure out all you can make with them, all the things you can reach. For yourself and for how the others see you.


Positivity = Potencial, Confidence, Enthusiasm, Creative Ideas, Imagination, Success, Greatness, Strategy, Improvement, Happiness, Admiration, Motivation, Innovation, Optimism, Helth, Posibility = Productivity
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