All it means is that you take on your fear, and you take the risks, and despite your crushing doubt, you still don’t quit
Everyone wants to quit sooner or later. And honestly, that’s okay.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

I really needed this today.

No, seriously,

I REALLY needed this today.

After years of getting back up on my feet after failure, these past three weeks have been the most significantly challenging in terms of establishing ‘My vision of success for myself in the future’ versus ‘The Slumping Hole That I Actually Exist In.”

I have a tutorial about Literature in three days that I need to carry out to a team of bright individuals, and my fear of failure has literally paralysed me from actually doing the best work I know I’m capable of. It’s just been a cycle of “why am I still doing this” and “but this is what I want” and “but maybe you’re just not cut out for this course.”

…and I guess I realised that for the first time in my life I lost all self-belief. To make matters worse, I beat myself up over this attitude.

But this article has really been that pat-on-the-shoulder. That sigh of release and inhale of resolve – a breath of fresh air that I’ve SO needed to clarify my thoughts (and actually become a productive member of society).

So thankyou.

Sincerely, Kitty.

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