Note pads in the Face of Technology: Are Notebooks Still Relevant?

It is simple to believe that carrying a note pad is archaic at this age and time when IPads and tablets have made things a lot easier. Many people do not see the need to bring some pen and paper around when they can simply press the buttons on their cellphones and keep any details they need. While this may be an advantage, research proof from shows that writing with a pen and paper is more vital to the brain than typing because it improves the cognitive capabilities and the subsequent acknowledgment of an individual. The factor for this is because longhand writing is a complex activity, which requires the participation of the brain largely. For that reason, eliminating composing on notebooks can greatly affect the reading capabilities of the future generation. As a parent, you might motivate your kid to utilize more of the notebooks by getting them Clairefontaine note pads from the Clairefontaine store, whose quality offers some excellent writing experience.

Choosing a notebook that fulfills your needs

With numerous notebooks in the market with different shapes, materials, and sizes, it can be a confusing task to make an option. However, when you are equipped with information on elements to think about, then you will have it easy making your purchase. If you are looking for the Clairefontaine Notebooks or the Rhodia note pads, here are some of the important things you need to think about to get the one that satisfies your requirements: whether research study, work or personal needs.

Size and pages of the note pad

You can be sure to get notebooks of all sizes from the Notedian online shop. The sizing of the notebook might be in European design which includes the series A, B and C or it could be the American sizing that includes the Legal size, Letter, Junior legal, the half-letter sizes, along with pocket-sized note pads. Your option will depend upon the function of the book. You must likewise consider the variety of pages and sheets, which will identify the thickness and the weight of the book. If you desire a light note pad, then you should think about buying one with less pages.

The binding

The way the sheets of paper are held together matters a lot. The binding could be spiral rings, glue binding, stitches or perhaps the staple binding. You need to ensure you choose a book whose binding is strong and enables you to lay the book flat with ease when using. The spiral rings binding, for instance, can trigger issues when they bend making it hard to lay the book totally flat but it could be excellent if you will be eliminating pages from the book more often. The glue binding is in some cases not strong and may cause issues when laying the book flat. The stitch binding is sturdier than the staple binding.

The cover

You will likewise need to choose whether you desire a notebook with the soft cover or the hand covers. Typically, the hardbounds are more long lasting. Similarly, they supply a rigid surface area for composing. At Notedian, you will get notebooks with a wide range of covers to pick.

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