Test temperature sensor allows

This can be useful if found a button does not work, if the location of the problem, or faulty keyboard row or column, if the selection is not sold as expected. To enter this function key when the message keyboard test keypad appears on the screen. Function queue management display test is used to test all pixels on the screen. This can be useful in trials where the display shows fault reports, when messages are not displayed by fault or missing pixels. To enter the test mode screen key when screen test display is shown in the display.

The display will then go through a series of test patterns which, among other things, all white pixels, and activate all pixels, testing all numbers and letters. When finished you can press the exit key and soft proof was completed. The queue management switch test function switch is used to test the operation of the selector switches if installed. To enter system queue solution test mode switches press enter while the message switch test switches shown on the display key. The screen shown below, the word replace, followed by the enabled or disabled status override switch.

Test to see the current temperature

When finished you can press the exit key switches and testing was completed. The test is used to test the operation of the bill validate if installed. To enter test mode key while the test bill validate test bill validate is displayed on the screen. Now you can insert bills into then. The display will show the type of ticket you have validated durante5 seconds. Note that the control card will try all types of tickets are accepted. Different types of real banknotes will queue management be accepted, as defined using. When finished you can press the exit key and test end. The function displays the date and time it allows the user to view the current time and date information as reported by the rtc real time clock real time clock. This will allow the user to check that the clock has been set, and keeps the correct time.

To view the current time of rtc, key while the show time and date display time& date is displayed on the screen. The display shows the current time and date. When finished you can press the exit key to end the display function of time and date. Voltage test ac volts, allows the user system queue solution to view the voltage measured at the location of the machine. This is useful when a fault is diagnosed or there is a problem with the power supply due to compression or high voltage conditions on the line. This condition can be very strong if other vending machines or loads on the same circuit.

Note that the ac volts is interpolated based measure voltage or dc voltage seen by the control board. The accuracy of this measurement is less than 5and scale of a 120 vac circuit. For ac voltage key while the message display volt ac is displayed on the screen. The display shows the ac voltage ac if you suspect the circuit is overloaded, you can see the tension over time. Systems near vending machines can be reduced cooling, queue management ac power, especially at start-up the compressor. Finished queuing system you can press the exit key to end the test volts ac. The relay test function allows the user to test the relays used by the control board.

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