In my opinion Snowden had good intentions. He new there was wrong doing that was going on and he wanted to do something to fix it. However, I thinks all that his approached was cause mass hysteria and paranoia. On top of this, I think a lot of people have chosen to forget or decided to ignore his leaked info because there really isn’t anything they can do about it. The problem was Snowden had a job in which he was dealing with secrets. He then betrayed the trust given to him. Now, I think he followed his conscience, which is good, but I don’t think if put together a truly effective and full proof plan for ending the breach of privacy on American citizens. So in my opinion Snowden was in the wrong. He need to find a solution that actually ended the problem rather than only cause Americans to distrust their government. I am not saying it is an easy task, but it is an important one if Snowden was actually trying to help Americans. I also feel like the way he just broke the trust that was bestowed upon him is kind of sketchy. I think in some circumstances it is important for the government to keep secrets because not every last detail can nor should be shared with every person. That would cause chaos. I don’t think that what Snowden released falls under this category, but I do their there is something to be said loyalty.

I think it effects the way privacy of thought and idea creating is at risk. If people know my thought process based off of data from my devices, they may be able to solve the problems I’m working on faster than I can, which makes my hard work irrelevant. Maybe I want to work on story, build a new type of hydroelectric engine, or start a business. For all these ventures ill need to do research and have interviews. If someone has access to these aspects of my life they could beat me to my own idea. These intrusions of privacy could seriously effect my career, but I think they genuinely can hurt anyone in any profession.

I think that the world is so far from safe. I understand surveillance in public areas, but breaching personal privacy, without legitimate permission is wrong. Like an example I gave in class, The TSA breaches my privacy, but I am fully aware it is happening and I can choose not to fly if I am not comfortable with what they are doing. The government doing surveillance using our metadata is totally in secret and I do not have the choice to make them stop. My metadata is not the same as me deciding to fly, or go to the park, or participate in anything else that is in the public domain. Security and safety can be obtained in different and better ways

Honestly, if someone looked at my metadata they would either think I’m an 8 year girl or a 75 year old man. I go from looking up princesses, marvel movies, and dinosaurs to listening to Bing Crosby and watching Gunsmoke. My taste in art, film, music, and literature is extensive and continually changing. I am fascinated by a lot of things and love to research them. I am not sure what they really could deduce about me besides the fact that I’m pretty unpredictable in many circumstance. Honestly though the metadata would tell them I go to Grove City College and when I’m home in Pittsburgh I never leave my house. Besides that Ireally could say what else it would say.