A Place To Remember

Patricia Lemieux
Aug 25, 2018 · 2 min read
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You sit down at your keyboard, a title pops into your head and you wonder “now what do I do with this?”.

That’s me today. A Place To Remember. Popped into my head … now, what do I do with this?

Start writing, it will come.

I remember a lot of places. I didn’t get to midlife without having been somewhere.

Childhood in Wisconsin in a small town. Running free with my friends; to the beach, to the woods, out all day on our bikes, running between each other’s houses! Free range kids in a free-range world.

Moving to Colorado as a teenager and living in a suburb attached to a big city. Not so free range anymore but still enjoying some freedom to get on my bike and ride miles to friends houses. Running wild replaced by running to the mall.

Adulthood, job, marriage. Ever-tightening life. Responsibility. Oh my God, the R-word. That R-word that I’ve grown to hate.

Further constriction. Loss of job, new job, divorce. New life, moving into the heart of the big city. Alone, but not lonely. Free-range life starting a new.

Remarriage, moving, rural, happy. Buh-bye corporate job. Hello … what’s this? Hmm … writing. Free-range once again.

Free range, a place in my heart to expand and run free.

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