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The Abundance Experiment (Week 3)

Photo by morais on Unsplash

Abundance In Nature

This week, being spring, was all about the abundance of nature. I love spring most over all the seasons.

My yard is coming to life with both weeds and flowers. This whole week has been garden and flower centric. The rains stopped, the weeds pulled out freely. Irises, peonies, and poppies are blooming.

The corn is coming up in neat rows, the Brussels sprouts, kale, and potatoes are doing well. Tomatoes are taking hold. Cucumbers and squash are struggling, but we’re giving them extra love.

It’s been difficult at best to stay inside and work. I’ve been running out in the morning and playing in my yard first thing and staying out most of the day playing.

Check out my personal Facebook page ( or my Instagram account (@thezenintrovert) for pictures.

What I’m Reading and Learning

I’m still reading the 12 Week Year but now I’ve gotten to the meat of the book … guides pages to setting up a personalized 12 week year plan. Though I’m not a giant fan of workbooks and worksheets (not at all), I understand and appreciate their use.

Module 1, Lesson 3 is where I’m at in TribeWriters. We are working on defining and finding followers.

I’m at the end of week one in The Course in Miracles Workbook. I can see where having a teacher is preferable to going it alone. The first six lessons were mental exercises for me than an opportunity to learn. It wasn’t until the seventh lesson on Sunday that I had an understanding (extremely imperfect) of the concept behind the first six lessons.

Meditation with Headspace (still loving that there’s an app for that) is coming along nicely though I fall asleep while I’m sitting there and focusing on my breathing. A. Lot. It probably means something, but I’m going to let that one lie for awhile.

Never, ever stop learning. Pick something that interests you and take a deep dive into it. The more you learn, the more new neural pathways your brain makes and the better your learning capacity becomes. Learning is cheap insurance to a long, healthy, productive life.

Work / Life Balance

Due to the long weekend, the Hubs was underfoot on my (usually) most productive days. The days that I normally work were spent doing weeding, walking the cat (uh-huh … you heard that right), running errands that were put off too long, visiting mom, taking my brother on his errands, connecting with friends and neighbors. The days were each abundant in their own way and necessary to balance in life.

Bonfires, good food, wine, and laughter were abundant this weekend

Today, thinking that I could “catch up”, I found that I really wasn’t behind. Time is relative and everything works in the way it should work and in it’s own time. I’m writing with a better perspective and much fresher mind than I would if I had pressured myself to produce anything the last three days.

Honing My Craft

Though I didn’t write at all last week, I did start learning how to use Pinterest to bring more traffic to my blog. I’m on Instagram quite a bit but as fun as it is as a platform, it’s not a great way to build traffic for me at this time. I am making a lot of connections and seeing some truly beautiful and inspiring things from all over the world.

Lessons Learned From This Week

There has to be a balance between work and life. The abundance we find in areas other than work and money are the real things that bring happiness to life.