Write, How To

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Just write, every day.

It’s not hard.

Sit at your computer. Write.

Grab a pad of paper. Write.

Start a Blog.

Write on Medium.

Write on Facebook (which is like trying to make the sound of one hand clapping any more). But it’s still writing. Write.

Tweet. Oh wait, is that really writing? Okay, yeah, we’ll count it.

Use the back of your grocery receipt. I know, how quaint.

Write on your hand. (just don’t wash it before you record your brilliant thought somewhere more permanent)

Write an email. (you’ve got friends, right?) Write.

Write a reply to an obvious spam email. Thank you, James Veitch, for making me laugh so hard I wet myself.

Write on the bathroom wall (but try not to get caught). (I am in no way condoning that you deface public property) (well, yeah, I guess I am) (eh, just go with it)

Write on ANY wall. (867–5309)

Guys … write your name in the snow. ;)

What the hell, Gals … write your name in the snow too!

Whiteboards are great places to write If you’re old school, use a chalkboard. If you’re really old school, use a stick in the dirt.

Write every day. I cannot emphasize this enough.

Write is a verb. Make it an action verb.

Write. Every. Day.