Since the early 1900’s, International Women’s Day has held a place on our March 8th calendar. This past year, more than ever, the day has become more than just an alert on our smartphone calendars. How society perceives women in the professional world has become a major talking point as of late. This year, it seemed as though the conversations shifted. Rather than only identifying the issues with gender equality, discussions of solutions seemed to have more pertinence in 2018.

Across the United States and around world, women are rarely offered the most senior leadership roles at a company. Less than 5% of the Fortune 500 CEOs are female. As our society continues working towards closing the pay gap, individuals can invest towards increasing women in leadership. …


Patricia Lizarraga

Patricia Lizarraga is the Managing Partner of Hypatia Capital. She is passionate about investing in women and increasing the number of female leaders and CEO's.

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