A Series of Bungee Cords: Part Eight
Lily Landers

I don’t have reading material for you, but a few experiences to share. Two years ago a high school friend of mine confided that she had pancreatic cancer, and surgery hadn’t been sucessful. We chatted regularly and her disposition remained good. Then one night I awoke around 4 a.m. and I was filled with joy. A female spoke to me that she loved me very much, and was so excited — beyond delight! I told her that I loved her, too. The feeling was intense, so intense, I just lay there in bed, overwhelmed by the happiness. In the morning, I checked my FB page and saw that Stephanie had died during the night. It was one of a few other miracles I’ve experienced. Another time, I lost my child during the 28th week of pregnancy and suffered for years over the loss. Then one morning, on my way to Unity service in Boston, a little girl came up to me and chatted incessantly with me while I waited for the train. We talked about puppies, going to the park that day, whether she was a good little girl and what does she love about everything in life. The man with her was black but totally white. He wasn’t an albino, because his his were blue. He told me she was a “real pain,| which made me feel that incredible glow, and then he said, “She knows you. She thinks she knows you.” The train arrived and I told her it was time to get on the train and go. I hopped into the train and looked out the window. The two of them were going up the escalator, with the man carrying her over his shoulder — they weren’t waiting for the train at all, but had spent ten minutes with me, for the sheer fun of it. My drifted back to 1987 when a psychic told me I would see my lost daughter again, and then, at that moment, I realized an angel had brought her to visit me at a time in my life I needed to see her again. I know I met my angel with an angel. Love to you, dear. There is life after this one. I have so many stories to tell, but keep most of them secret. Love and blessings.