Are you getting the value you’re paying for from your current Analyst firm?

  1. Are they reachable?
  2. Do they provide you with valuable insight when you need it?
  3. Have you achieved your desired business outcomes with their advisory services?
  4. Are you doing things your competitors aren’t — or is it the other way around?
  5. Do you have a respectful & engaging partnership?

If your firm does all of these things — awesome. They’re doing valuable work. But what if they’re not?

Aragon Research is hosting an online Demo Day on April 8th at 10am PT. By attending, you will become familiar with our research and advisory services, and how we’re different from the other R&A firms you’re working with. You’ll also learn how we can help you leverage technology to outpace your competitors.

Tune into Demo Day from your computer or mobile device!

This Demo Day will take a deep dive on our Digital Workplace coverage. You will learn about our Technology Arc Research methodology — a report that evaluates the transformative & cost saving potentials of mature & emerging technologies. After Demo Day, you will receive our 2016 Technology Arc for the Digital Workplace free.

There’s no cost to attend Demo Day — all that’s required is 30 minutes of your time. Register here!

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