Wellness Sex and Intimacy

For men and women who have reached their mid-40’s, who are entering their third age, and for whom intimacy and sexuality has become much less important than it was when they were teens or recently married, the beauty of intimate sex usually becomes less central to their lives than their children, their work and their ability to survive the day to day rigours of modern life. And the tragedy is that deep down, in the unfathomable complexities of their lives, it’s the one thing for which all men and women yearn.As a wellness expert, having counselled and listened to the stories of hundreds of men and women as they reach their third age, I and my colleagues in the wellness industry are all too aware that millions of men and women enter the golden years of their lives in a state of unrequited desire, of deep-seated frustration with profoundly and usually unrecognised side-effects. Our Mental and Emotional Health will be influence by our ability to connect at an intimate level, Sex can also be a “beauty treatment, it has also been proven to increase our lifespan, sex can help with weight-loss and strengthen your muscles. Most sexual activity, for most people, and especially intimate sex, tends to become subsumed to every other activity, despite the underlying desire still rampant in most men and women. Shyness, uncomfortableness, embarrassment or apathy prevents us from discussing these most intimate (but important) aspects of our personal lives with each other. And so we settle into a routine of comfortable sexual remoteness, of sequestration from the most essential part of a sexual and physical relationship. We must take care of ourselves at all levels in life not just FOOD EXERCISE MEDITATION. Become a Master of your own sexuality in health and wellness.

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