Great points, though might I suggest that both genders have a role in perpetuating ‘stereotypes’.
Mateo D

First and foremost this is a beautiful excellent piece. Thanks to the author! 💜

This commentary about 53% of white women voting in Orange cheeto is tiresome. Put it in perspective. Low voter turnout. 53% of what????? It’s not the whole country nor half. So it’s 53% of what number? Made to sound more sweeping than it is. I’m a white woman and am direly appalled by anyone who voted for Trump. I have sadly discovered people of all religions, ethnicities, nationalities and genders that voted for him all for various reasons and beliefs. Blows me away. Whatever the percentage of white woman voting for him is heartbreaking. Any woman voting for him is. Though no one wanted Hillary, the other choice. Complicated and messy primary and election. The truth of all the lies and manipulation will surface one day in full.

I am physically sick now from working within the male paradigm, and having a hard time healing due to the male paradigm of medicine. Turning within and to other alternatives.

It’s time for balance within the roles of masculine and feminine, traits which we all have whether we are male or female. I love this article because it is a step in the direction of healing the masculine aspect something that will help honor the feminine.

I’m sure I’ll be attacked. What else is new. Just speaking my heart and soul.