What the hell just happened?
Jack Wagner

First thank you for your conscious cleanse … now strap in.

I read this yesterday and was pissed beyond measure. I worked in advertising for 23 years producing commercials and have always grandly disliked “politcial advertising”. It is to damn manipulative, though here we are now being more manipulated than ever.

I could very well blame the “influence” of this campagin on you and your meme creators and I so want to “bitch” slap you all, but that is counterproductive and unwise. We have had enough of that.

I live in NYC, someone chalked “Make America Great Again” under John Lennon’s “Imagine” Mosaic this week. My kind and loving, favorite t-shirt vendor near this area told me yesterday he is afraid of our new President because he is Muslim. We are hearing these stories from across the country, some violate and beyond threatening. Not pretty and so very ugly. Our very basic human rights are being threatned and that’s truth, no meme.

I love life. I love people and I’m hoping you do to. You had the naivette to help create it, now you understand the power of it all. You have the knowledge and information to create change. Get to work like your life and everyone else’s life depends on it … because you know what, it does.

You created it. Now start undoing it. Get to work, now!!!

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