Hi, I'm Patricia Parnet. I'm a creative and strategic doer and thinker who worked at SAP, Morgan Stanley, UBS, PwC, and Deutsche Bank in New York, San Francisco Bay Area, Frankfurt, and Berlin. I hold a Master's degree from the Parsons School of Design New York.

As a first-gen student from a small German village who climbed the international ladder all on her own, I am passionate about career equality and I love sharing my insights to help others find their niche. Let's create a smart, fair, and ultra-efficient working world for all together.

3 Facts About Me:

- I'm the first person in my family with a high school degree as well as the highest academic degree: Master's of Fina Arts in Design & Technology. I'm to elite at all – I'm just myself, mastering similar challenges like many others

- Time is the most valuable resource in life. I know what really matters and how to manage your professional life. I'll always be mindful of your time and share quality content only

- Morgan Stanley welcomed me as a new joiner by displaying me on multiple screens on Times Square in 2020. It was beyond my wildest dreams. The moral of the story: If I could do it, you can do it too!

This blog contributes to the UN Sustainability Goal N° 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth. Happy to discuss this with you in person at the World Economic Forum in 2024 in Davos!

💜 Feedback & Questions

I'd love to hear from you! Follow me on LinkedIn oder email me at: hi@nychecareers.com.